Bio-Innovation Space Facility

Bioinnovation space of ABLEST provides a well-equipped positive and safe environment to meet the requirements of laboratory personnel with BSL-1 safety level. This facility is provided with equivalent linear feet (ELF) of work surface with individual sink and chemically resistant lab bench within the laboratory to accommodate residential incubatees. This individual workstation provides a clean bench top, storage cupboard with a set of equipments including mini centrifuge, hot plate stirrer, vortex mixture and a micropipette set. A standard chemical fume hood is installed to protect laboratory personnel from hazardous chemicals exposure. Other shared facilities available at Bioinnovation space facility are refrigerator, water bath, pH meter, weighing balance and ice flaker.

Tissue Culture Facility

Dedicated three cell culture facilities (BSL-2 level) equipped with Class II A2 biosafety cabinet, CO2 incubators, inverted microscopes, cooling ultra-centrifuge, water bath, and cryocans to facilitate extensive researches in primary cells and mammalian cell lines.

BSL 3 - Facility

The virology facility is assured with biosafety level-3, supporting basic research investigations. The facility provides access to Class II Type B2 cabinet ensuring safety for sample handling and processing. Our dedicated virology facility have all infrastructures including negative pressure, clean roomwith epoxy flooring, HVAC, HEPA filters, safety fire and pressure alarms, CO2 incubator, inverted microscope, centrifuge, ultracentrifuge, deep freezers (-20°C & -80°C ) for cold storage, refrigerator, water bath, pH meter, weighing balance, UV sterilizer unit and autoclave to carryout high end research needed to study the pathological microorganisms with assured biological safety compliance for all researchers.


The imaging facility offers diascopic and epifluorescence imaging with three colours and five magnifications up to 60 X. This widefield microscopic facility provides high quality image analysis for both life science and industrial applications.

Molecular Biology Facility

The facility aims to offer a comprehensive molecular biology workflow platform to unravel the macromolecular interactions and to study various biochemical processes at molecular levels. The state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with high-end equipments include TECAN multimode plate reader, thermocycler, RT-PCR, electrophoresis units, western blot, Chem-Doc XRS, fluorometer, and QAxcel Bioanalyser extends to provide complete solutions from isolation of nucleic acids to protein expression studies.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) Facility

Next-Generation Sequencing at ABLEST provides a high throughput sequencing with fragments stimulation up to 5.1 Gigabases of data. This facility aims to offer genomic services not limited to Whole Genome sequencing, DNA/RNA profile analysis, cDNA Sequencing, Microbiome analysis etc. to various stakeholders.

Animal Facility

In-house animal facility is equipped with individually ventilated cages to execute the pre-clinical studies, involving all major requisites for modern laboratory animal research.

Common Facilities

Access to common equipment facilities such as walk-in cold room with storage units, deep freezers (-20° C & -80° C), refrigerator, autoclave and Millipore water purification system provide limitless support to our Incubatees.